Деловая программа
Деловая программа
5 Июля 2012

Group of Companies «Russian Garden – NK” at the exhibition “Floriade’2012”

The world festival of gardeners “Floriade” , the largest festival of  garden art, is organized once in 10 years. This year Russian delegation took part in the festival for the first time.



The stand of “Russian Garden”,   known as “NCorporation“ for our foreign partners, was located within the collective Russian display which occupied an area of 159 sq.m in Villa Flora demonstrating flower compositions from all over the world.


The company presented exclusive seeds of flowering lawns, unique varieties of fruit and ornamental young plants, fungi seeds, mycelium and mycorrhizal fertilizers.



The motto of “Floriade’2012” is “If you want to improve the quality of life become the part of the theater of nature”. “Floriade” is distinguished by its size. On its enormous territory of 66 ha (over 100 football fields) there are presented not only the latest world achievements in floriculture but also progress in all aspects of the garden art.